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  1. Just a thought - Have you looked at LastPass the password manager. It has a feature to be able to give trusted people access to your passwords following a specified time period and with other safeguards.
  2. Just to point out. It can be “over” or it can be “out”. “Over and out” makes no sense.
  3. Thank you I am aware of these safety nets but my point is essentially about accidental deletion when you are unaware that it has happened. The Delete button on my keyboard is right next to the Home button. It is easy just to brush the Delete key and the note is gone without being noticed.
  4. Good suggestion but I think you will be lucky to have any notice taken of it. I (and others) have been asking for a confirmation message before deleting a note. It is easy to mis hit the delete button and unknowingly delete a note. You can get it back but only if you know you have deleted it.
  5. It must be nearly 3 years since I first commented on this and still Evernote has done nothing to address either the inadvertent deletion of a note or the inadvertent deletion of an attachment. Surely it can't be an enormous job to add an item in the Tools>Options section to make options to have an "Are you sure" when deleting either a note or an attachment. Then users could decide for themselves whether they want the extra check or not. Personally I would keep the check on but if doing "housework" on my notes, and not wanting the extra process in deleting, I could turn off the option tem
  6. With release (306134) I have just downloaded and find that it is no longer possible to drag a pdf file to another note or the desktop or to another folder etc. Can we have that facility back pretty soon please. I am assuming that the facility has not been withdrawn on purpose; if it has then could I have an explanation please because I find it very useful. And I've also just noticed that I can't open a pdf in my pdf reader and editing software (PDF-Exchange Editor)
  7. Thank you gazumped for the tip. My support number is: Ticket# 2092408. The good news as far as I can see is that because it seems like the 229 notes were just copied into another of my notebooks it will be easy just to delete them and they are easily recognised by the Creat and Udpate time and, as it happens, the subject. However if I can I would like to leave them for the time being so that Support can see for theirselves. I'm about to leave the computer this evening - I wonder if the the elves will play again tonight!
  8. I have been looking into this further and, having selected on created:day-1, I have found that notes have not been moved they have been copied. Also, the notes which have been copied (there are 229 of them) are all in a Notebook called "P****" and all 229 notes in that notebook have been copied (i.e. duplicated) into a Notebook called "R******" hence the Create Date and Update Dates being the same. I have passed this on to Support. Hope to hear from them before too long as I'll try not to use EN until then.
  9. This morning I found that EN had moved over 200 notes to another of my notebooks (not my default notebook) and the Create Dates and the Update Dates had been changed to yesterday at 18:28 or 18:29 (it appears to have taken more than one minute). I am pretty sure that at that time both my wife and I were not at our computers (Desktops running WIndows 7). I have the latest public EN ( (304720)) and I am a Premium member. I have raised a support ticket with EN and looked through the posts on the Forum. This one is the nearest I could find to my problem though it is not the same. I
  10. Yes I think it is a bug. I keep getting the same thing and I can't work out what it is which makes it do it. When it happens it seems to be every 4th or 5th stroke but I am not entirely sure this is the constant factor. Sometimes have to exit EN and open it again.
  11. Well, here we are nearly a year and a half since this request was started and even longer since I first raised this as an issue. I wonder how many notes have been deleted accidentally just because there isn't an Option to have an "Are you sure" flag when deleting a note. Yes, I know you can check Trash but if you haven't realised that you caught the Delete key accidentally when going for, say, the Home key then you wouldn't know to check the Trash. Personally, every couple of weeks, I sort the Trash by Delete Date and check through it.
  12. I think the "Always use current view" option is clear. May I ask when you will implement the "Are you sure?" step after a Delete command please. By all means allow it to be switched off for users who don't feel they need it. At present it is stil to easy to delete a Note without realising it by brushing against the delete key on a Windows keyboard. I realise that Mac users, having no delete key don't have this problem but for Windows users it is a risk.
  13. I have asked before that they implement an improvement to have an optional "are you sure?" before a delete command is executed. It is too easy to delete a record simply by brushing against the delete key and not know you have done it. You would not have had your problem if this improvement was made
  14. On my Windows keyboard the Delete key is right above the Home key. It's too easy to hit the wrong key by mistake or just brush it and without knowing it you've deleted a note. I know it's easy to get the note back from Trash but that is not the point if you don't know you have deleted the note. I can't understand why, after all this time (this thread goes back to 2012), Evernote have not introduced a "Do you really want to delete" flag which for those who don't want it can be switched off in Options. For a tool, like Evernote, that is used to store such a lot of its users' data, not to hav
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