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(Archived) Evernote from Amazon, premium license, legitimate?

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Hi there,

I just found out that in Amazon, the HPP Enterprises seller is selling a discounted premium year license at 31.53.

I was about to get it but then I wondered, is it legit? Would they send me a code to input somewhere on your service and upgrade the free account to premium? Also, could I buy several of those "codes" and input them all to accumulate premium years?

Thanks, please let me know

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Thanks but that didn't answer my question, I wondered about the Amazon selling, not the MacHeist promotion. Also, why edited my title to write something very similar? (I think I wrote "is it legit?")

Lastly, they aren't even answering my questions on the thread you directed me to... so... really, I'm a newcomer to Evernote and this forum seems pretty... unwelcoming / weird? Also, why the 5 post limitations per day? Aghhh...


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Evernote from Amazon, premium license, legitamite?

Suggestion to the unknown person who re-wrote the user's original title after it was posted: use a spellchecker.

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