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(Archived) Scanning Solution for Mac




My first post, but rather than start with a question I thought I would share a solution I have found.

Like many I don't have an Evernote specific scanner, my scanner software Canon MP Navigator required me to scan a document to my computer first but was able to open the document using Evernote.

To start with I was scanning documents to my desktop while they were opened by Evernote. This was ok because the notes were saved to Evernote as well as my computer but it did mean I was left with a bunch of documents on my desktop that I then had to move to Trash (I never wanted to save the documents on my computer only Evernote). What I wanted to do was save the documents to Trash as well as have them opened by Evernote but you can't do this because you cant save to Trash.

So my solution.....

I made a folder on my desktop called inbox, I then created a routine using Automator to empty whatever was found in "inbox" immediately to Trash. I then told my scanner software to save the document to "inbox" as well as open it using Evernote.

1) When you run Automator, select the Folder Action option.

2) In the Library in the far left click on "Files & Folders"

3) From the next column drag and drop "Get Folder Contents" and "Move Finder Items to Trash" into the free area in your Workflow window.

4) In the "Get Folder Contents" window, click the "Repeat for each subfolder found" checkbox.

5) At the top of the Workflow window is a pop-up (currently showing "Choose folder"). In the pop-up select "Other..." and then locate the folder you created in my case "inbox".

6) Now Save your folder action (Command-S) and you will be prompted to give it a name, say "self emptying folder".

You can now quit Automator.

Locate your "inbox" or whatever you called it and right-click on it to bring up the contextual menu. From the menu select "Services" and "Folder Actions Setup…"

A list of folder scripts should appear. Select the one you created (the name will end in .workflow) and click "Attach".

Your "self emptying folder" should appear in the left column with your script/workflow in the right column. Now click (to checkmark) the "Enable Folder Actions" box, then close the window.

That should be it. You can test it by dropping something (a file or folder) onto/into your "self emptying folder" and it should automatically go straight into the trash.

I hope this helps someone else, for me it works very well.



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