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  1. Has this been addressed and fixed yet?
  2. Thank god I can turn it off. Sorry I don't want my notes read and then content sent to me based on my note taking.
  3. It seems to be working today. First time out, it timed out. Tried it again and it seems to be downloading and syncing my content.
  4. Yup I am receiving the same error. I came here to check to see if there was in issue on the Evernote side. I have been trying all day to sync my laptop and I am constitanly getting the above message. I final closed Evernote and will try again later. 10.9.2 Mac OS X 5.5.1 Evernote version
  5. Boodies, excellent just what I was looking for! Thank you.
  6. jbignert... Thank you very much, all the above worked liked a charm!!!!!!!! Back to clipping and saving! Thank you very much.
  7. Ahhhh. Ok, I will do the above mentioned and let you know shortly. Thank you very much!
  8. Hello.. I am not able to the web clipper for chrome or firefox to work after I have updated to Mac OSX 10.8.1. I am wondering if there is something I need to do to the security settings or if there is something I am missing. I have tried several different pages on both browsers. It looks like it is working but the clipped article will not show up. However I am able to get it to work in the latest version of safari.
  9. Thank you for the post. I have been using one of the clip tools. Hadn't tried the MS Word tip. That will be next. Thank you and yes it can be a pain.
  10. Hello.. Is there any function either using the application (Windows or Mac) or the mobile apps, that allows you to remove the html formatting from a web clip? There are times that I have a site or article clip and there are some items I can't remove whether it is a bullet or ordered list. I can't select the last one to remove it from the clipped article. Was wondering if there is a way to see the HTML or remove it all together. Thanks I have attached two screen shots of items I can't get rid of now matter how I select them or try and delete them.
  11. FYI to others: Mac is nearly identical: Right-click and select "Copy To Notebook," which will give you your list of notebooks, including notebooks shared with you. This is good to know as I am on a Mac and my work partner is on a win box. I haven't been able to test and now that you confirmed I am one happy camper! Thanks to both of you.
  12. Ahhhhhhhhh. Ok I was going about it the wrong way. Copy! Sweet an yup it worked! Man I love this program and thank you very much for the answer and a quick one at that!
  13. Hello.. Setup 1 premium user 1 free user Premium user setup shared notebook. Both users can see and modify notes. Question. If the free user creates a note outside the shared notebook how can they bring that note into the shared notebook? Right now if they create the note in the shared notebook it works. But they can't import. Is there a way to let the free user import a note? Thanks
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