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(Archived) Meshin Calendar: for Evernote iPad beta!

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We want you! Come beta test our latest iPad version of:

Meshin Calendar: for Evernote

Meshin Calendar is a free mobile app that brings your calendars, that is right, all of them, iCal, Google, Outlook and more, into one view, with our smarts to enhance their use, and links them to Evernote.

Create and link notes to events, create agendas, prepare for meetings, know where to go and share the meeting data with others via our web experience. Your meeting attendees can rate your meetings and collaborate through our web based comment feature.

Your links to Evernote and agendas are automatically synchronized to your Meshin Calendar account, which then syncs to all your signed in devices on Android and iOS. So you have your Meshin info on whatever mobile device you are using, and its backed up in our cloud. To add or change a device, its as easy as installing our app and signing on.

Already released on iPhone and Android, our new version for the iPad expands our ability to bring even more smart functionality to you.

So join us to beta test Meshin Calendar for the iPad and iOS!

With your help, we we can build something truly awesome that brings comprehensive calendar smarts to Evernote. You will have access to builds before the general public, have opportunities to provide input on design and features and really influence how the app grows.

The number of beta slots we can offer is quite limited, so in the interest of maximizing the impact of our select group, we ask that you only sign up if you can devote some quality time to testing Meshin Calendar.

Please go to the link below to register at Test Flight, which we use to manage the betas:

Then register your iOS devices as soon as possible. Once they are registered, and your beta application approved, we then prepare a new build that includes your device. Look for an email or a notification on your device that the build is available to you, it can take 12 to 24 hours normally so please be patient!

Any questions about the signup process or about the beta program you can respond in this forum thread.

Best Regards,

Greg & The Meshin Team


Support: http://meshin.zendesk.com

e-mail at support.ios@meshin.com

P.S. Bug reports please send email to support.ios@meshin.com or use the feedback button on the device under Meshin settings.

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Quick note on Meshin to anyone interested. They're a trusted partner of Evernote's, and good people. If you're interested in helping test a great calendar tool that integrates well with Evernote, let them know.

Meshin's also currently available for iPhone and Android. Happy testing!

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