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(Archived) Transfer Evernote to a new Macintosh (including local notebooks)



I currently have Evernote installed on a Windows XP SP3 machine, including several local notebooks. I now am ready to abandon windows and move to my MacBook Pro.

I already have all the synchronized notebooks on my MacBook Pro, but I'd like to figure out how to move my local notebooks over. Is there a way to back up the entire structure on my Windows PC and then import that backup on the Mac?

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You'll want to export the local notebooks as a .enex file. Select a notebook, right click and click on Export Notes...

A dialog will pop up and select the ENEX format (should be the first option). Also, click on Options to make sure Tags is checked, this will export the tags your note contains. Unfortunately, we don't preserve the hierarchy of tags at this time.

You'll want to do this for each local notebook and then import them on the Mac client one at a time.

In your Mac, open Evernote and go to File >> Import... and you should be set

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