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(Archived) Expense tracker

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Hi Evernote Forum

What recommendations do we have for a (freebie) "expense tracker" for use with Evernote?

Personally, I prefer to use the right tool for the task. You can store receipts in Evernote but IMO, it falls very short of a financial tool. (And that's ok, b/c it's not designed to be a financial tool.) So if you want to be able to quickly add receipts to get a total amount for an expense report or find out how much you spent on fancy coffees at various coffee shops last month, you will probably need to find something besides EN & any third party apps.

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I use Evernote to store my monthly bills and statements,plus all the legalese on the back side..

I use NeatReceipts to store my less important thermal paper receipts that I get from suppliers (grocery, gas, etc.)

I use Mint.com to manage my spending and saving.

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