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(Archived) From BibDesk to Evernote




I would like to move some information from BibDesk to evernote. I would like to realize the follwing workflow:

- based on the cite key of an entries in Bibdesk a new note should be created in evernote with the same name as the cite key

- copy a minimal BibTeX record to this note

- copy the content of the annote field

Could this be done with AppleScript or in some other way? I would be very happy if we could find an approach to this question :/

Thank you in advance!


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Hi. I am not aware of anyone mentioning that in the past, though perhaps someone could make it for the future.

Personally, I find the promise of all of the bibliographic software unfulfilled in practice. I have migrated out of them (I was using several) and now have one note as a master bibliography. It links (as necessary) to reading notes on the works. The original source is kept as a PDF in Dropbox if I need to go and retrieve it (last name + first name + publication date). I've extracted all of the text from the PDFs (Automator does this nicely) and put it into Evernote, so I do have the content of the PDFs available in searches. Ideally, I would keep the PDFs in Evernote (as I did in the past), but with thousands of sources, my database is a bit more than Evernote can comfortably handle.

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Hi Chrispx!

I think there may be a way to do this, but I haven't done it myself yet. [i'm just new to Evernote myself at the moment.] There is a web linking site called IFTTT which is "if this then that" (ifttt.com). They link up various services in various ways. I've just started auto-importing various events from other websites to Evernote via their service.

I remember seeing things for dropbox on there... lemmie add it here (I'm being lazy). It claims to sync something in a public folder (you specify) to Evernote notebook you specify.:


and the applescript titled: "Extract For E-reading" apparently can add a pdf file to a dropbox folder of your choice from bibdesk:


So, I suspect with a bit of work on this, you may be able to get the functionality that you want.

If you try it out, can you let me know how you get on? I may want to do exactly this same thing. Thanks for keeping us updated!!


ps- a quick note- Bibdesk is fantastic. I love it do death. Couldn't live without it, and it integrates with other software for writing in latex with auto-completion of citations, as well as e-mails citations and pdfs directly from a selection. Fantastic software. While I can understand GrumpyMonkey's frustrations, Bibdesk is truly the best bibtex citation software I've found, and does everything I want. Evernote can't auto-complete citation tags within LaTeX documents, so it really is not an option for scientific writing in LaTeX at this time. [if I'm wrong, please let me know, as I'm always willing to learn something new! :) ] So, fist-bump for being a bibdesk user, Chrispx!

pps- if you don't yet have a dropbox account, here is my referral code, incase you want to get an account. (we both get a bit of extra space if you use the referral link- not cash, just extra cloud storage space): http://db.tt/mVB6mYn

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