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(Archived) Local file link - permission



I am using Evernote 3.3.0 on MacOS. To keep track of local pdf file, I see two options: draging the file into a note or creating a link "file:///Volumes/...". To save disk space, I would prefer to use a link because the file is note duplicated...

Once the link is created, a double-click on the URL should open the pdf file in Preview. Unfortunately, this is not always working: in some cases, I get the error message:

The file "...." couldn't be opened because you don't have permission to view it. To view or change permissions, select the item in the Finder and choose File > Get Info.

This error message does not make sense as I am the owner of the file. If I open the file with Preview, close it, then Evernote is able to follow the link and the file is opened with Preview.

This random behavior is really strange! Any idea?


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I was able to reproduce this effect on my system, though with Evernote 3.3.1 and TextEdit. The link gives an error message upon each click until the file is manually opened outside of Evernote. Then the link is successful, even after the document is closed, until the user explicitly quits the outside application.

I tested my best theory for why this was happening.

"Sandboxing is preventing the file from being opened by Evernote under normal circumstances." To test this, I moved my test file into Evernote's sandbox folder and updated the link. This caused the link to work as expected.

It turns out that the solution is to use a local notebook — one that isn't synced back to Evernote's servers. When you then copy a PDF (or other) file to a note in this notebook, the copy is automatically placed in the sandbox. You're then free to delete the original location's copy, meaning you only use the disk space of Evernote's copy.

In truth, this is an ideal solution for another reason: you won't have links on all your Evernote devices that point to files on one specific machine. Summary: Use one or more local notebooks.

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Hi, also encountered this after beginning to use file links in Evernote


Perhaps I can request that this be looked at and if possible improved upon to work as expected on normal, synced notebooks? I also would appreciate not having to make certain notebooks local in order to have this work if I'm on the right machine for the link


Thanks :)

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I use a LOT of file links and have never encountered this problem. Perhaps it's because I don't use the App Store version? 



I can confirm that the permission problem is indeed only when using the App Store version. Have had the problem for a while now on my iMac, but not on my Macbook. After reading this post I tried installing the version from evernote.com, and all my links to local files is working again.

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