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(Archived) Clipper does not clip in Firefox 15.0.1 (or Chrome)


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I have a problem with FF 15 where Web Clipper only gives the option to clip the URL and not the entire page to EN. The URL is no use to me... I already know the URL.

Afterwards I tried with Chrome and it also does not work.

I thought the whole idea with Web Clipper is that it would clip the web page for offline browsing.

I tried installing the FF patch https://www.evernote...903b1ba47ac29cf but this made no difference at all.

How can I clip whole pages for use offline? Is there a way to clip a web page as a graphic such as a PDF?



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Ha ! Suddenly it works! I have honestly not changed anything.

One thing I quote like to do which does not work is to take a visual snap shot of a local HTML code being shown in a browser, This is very useful for development purposes. This would be a nice addition to EN.

Thanks for a great product


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