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  1. jefito Thank you for taking the trouble to get back to me.. I like your File/sign out solution. It actually works well. I need to check if it works from a cold boot as well as a warm boot. It would be cool if some more security options like automatic time-out and finger scanner or windows hallo could also be used. Cheers!
  2. I just wanted to see how what I would loose if I downgrade to the Basic Free account. I looked at the "compare plans" list and it looks like I maybe can get away with the free plan. The Premium plan of which I have been a user for many many years is really quite expensive. I do not upload all that much any more anyway, but I do like to have access to my content. SUDDENLY I am being offered something called "Plus Account". I stopped the whole process at this point. I went back to the plans page any cannot see the "Plus Plan". I have no way to compare to the other plans as it
  3. Hallo gazumped... File>Exit shuts down the program (which I guess is logical).. It does not prevent anyone from starting the it again without using user name or password. It just opens. So you are saying that the only security is to lock your laptop (either CTR L, sleep mode, close lid etc). Evernote as such has no security features built in. My email client does. Not good. Actually pretty terrible. It is not unusual that other people have to use my laptop for short periods such as using it to make presentations, fix missing printer drivers, edit a spreadsheet I a
  4. I noticed that my Evernote application would start without the need for a password/PIN or fingerprint scan or anytjhing... I figured that this was not such a great idea. After all, anyone could walk up to my laptop and look at my Evernote content. So I figured that all I needed to do was to go to the Tools/Options tab and simply change how the application opens and select the level and type of security I would like... I was expecting to see all manner of options like "auto closing" after a predetermined time of no activity etc. Like LastPass and other security conscious programs...
  5. I am struggling to post notes stored in Evernote into WhatsApp chats (and Telegram etc,). It seems like it is not possible. I want to forward documents to family friends and business partners that I can scanned and saved in Evernote. I just want to "copy to Whatsapp".. I use many programs that are able to forward content directly to Evernote but Evernote does not want to provide the same service in reverse. Is this true? Have I simply not found it? If it is missing then it is a very major feature that Evernote is missing. It makes the service far less useful. Rega
  6. But why is re-sizing not part of Evernote. This is also my number one gripe with the product and I would use it far more if it was part of the basic functionality. When using Evernote on my cell phone it uses up my bandwidth very quickly and it is not as if my phone can show high resolution images (or that I care to have them). A major failing of Evernote and one reason they need some competition to get these types of legacy feature failures resolved. There is something slightly arrogant at Evernote. They never respond to individual requests or comments. When you are the market leader
  7. Yes, but I don't like them. I am using Tags as much as possible but find them less useful than nested folders. All I am asking for is one, just one, more level of nested folders. It will make EN so much more useful. Pleeease can I have them.. Pretty please... I am begging here.. Of course my bigger gripe is the lack of image editing. I am saving huge scanned images totally unnecessarily. It eats my expensive bandwidth, consumes my EN allowance and simply means that synching takes longer. It takes a long time anyway. I really have no need for 2Mb snap shots of things filling up my acc
  8. The inability to have nested folders in evernote is one of the biggest limitating factors of the product. I have a seriously complex folder structure as a result which means I have to scroll through many folders to try to find the document I need.
  9. I took some pictures (5) with my iPhone and uploaded to Evernote (as usual) and now, a month later, I wanted to forward them to a collegue so that we could disucss them. I really do not know if he will view on his PC or on his iPhone. However, one thing is for sure, the intention is to not kep the email after we have talked about them for a couple of minutes by phone. A simple "show me and let's talk abot it" transaction. Then delete them from his system. He did NOT need the images any larger than 15kB jpg files. I actaully wanted to keep the pictures in my EN at their full resolution as I
  10. This has to be the biggest missing feature in Evernote. I take many pictures and upload them to Evernote to then be sent by email. The recipient really does not need 20Mb of email just to receive a few pictures on his cell phone. Not only does it cost bandwidth for everyone (the most expensive has to be the cell phone costs) but it must also be filling up the Evernote servers with massive amounts of data. What amazes me more is that they are adding less useful features ahead of getting this fixed. Thomas
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