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(Archived) Clip to Evernote with IE6 ?


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:? :? :? Hummmmm

I tried this...

It added to favorites even though I was advised that I was adding a favorite which was not safe :shock:

But finding the link section of my favorites proved more than I could do. :(

So I still do not have a button :(

And I would soooo much like one !!!! :)

Will you try to help again ?????

Thanks anyway ! :D

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Same in IE6 : View > Toolbars > Links

I have gone that far....

But all it got me is to place "Clip to Evernote" in my favorites (disregarding a warning that is was unsafe.... :? )

Still can't have a button in my upper bar... :D

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"Organize Favorites" to move that shortcut into the "Links" folder on IE, and then it will show up in the Links part of your toolbar. When you click on this "bookmarklet" link, it will clip the current page to Evernote.

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Thank you for your patience and the clarity of your help !

:D:(:(:) I did it, I did it, I did it !!!! :D:D:D:D

But I had some issues so if other users of IE6 read this...

I took away all the toolbars from view and only put back the "links" one... And nothing showed...

After several tries, I found out that I had to put on view a toolbar named "LEC" (no idea what it stands for) and that placed a links bar on the right of my RobotForm bar...

And there, yipee !!! :D "CLIP TO EVERNOTE" !!!! :D:D


:? I had no clue what this links folder was all about !!!!

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