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  1. Thank you for your patience and the clarity of your help ! I did it, I did it, I did it !!!! But I had some issues so if other users of IE6 read this... I took away all the toolbars from view and only put back the "links" one... And nothing showed... After several tries, I found out that I had to put on view a toolbar named "LEC" (no idea what it stands for) and that placed a links bar on the right of my RobotForm bar... And there, yipee !!! "CLIP TO EVERNOTE" !!!! THANK YOU ENGBERG !!!! :? I had no clue what this links folder was all about !!!!
  2. Same in IE6 : View > Toolbars > Links I have gone that far.... But all it got me is to place "Clip to Evernote" in my favorites (disregarding a warning that is was unsafe.... :? ) Still can't have a button in my upper bar...
  3. :? :? :? Hummmmm I tried this... It added to favorites even though I was advised that I was adding a favorite which was not safe :shock: But finding the link section of my favorites proved more than I could do. So I still do not have a button And I would soooo much like one !!!! Will you try to help again ????? Thanks anyway !
  4. Hello ! I have unsuccessfully been trying to drag the CLIP TO EVERNOTE button to my toolbar in IE6. Is there a way to place it there ? :? It would be nice.....
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