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(Archived) OneNote MX vs Evernote


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I got some questions about Evernote's RT app. I am a Windows Phone use and I'm looking forward on getting a Windows 8 Tablet as soon as I can, they are awesome :). This situation makes me wonder if staying at Evernote is the best for me. I love Evernote, its customer support and the community around it but I've been testing these 2 apps for a while and I think OneNote MX is a lot more powerful than its counterpart so far. So I'm here to see and find some of your opinions, what do you think about new windows 8 tablets and OneNote MX vs Evernote for WinRT?

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I am a long time evernote premium user - and I'm on the verge of switching to one note.

The windows 8 versions of evernote are terrible.

- On windows RT I can't edit rich text notes, and the app fails to sync with the database.

- On windows phone 8, if I edit a note the application crashes.

Windows is clearly not a priority for the evernote team.

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I'd like to point out that our Windows Desktop app is pretty much the most feature rich app we have. It's definitely been around the longest and the most mature.

Both the Windows Phone app and Windows 8 app are under continued development. Windows 8 is very new Operating System, so we'll be very busy maturing the app in the upcoming months. You'll see regular updates from us

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Dlu - I agree that the full desktop version of Evernote works great - but that version doesn't work on Windows RT tablets.

I don't expect those versions to be as mature at their full desktop and IOS counterparts - HOWEVER a failure to sync notes or edit notes without crashes - that's not a maturity issue - that's a show stopping bug. And that kind of defect shouldn't make it out of the door.

This is far below the quality bar that the evernote team has worked very hard to set for themselves. In the past the solutions provided by the company were stable and effective. This is why I have been a premium user of evernote for YEARS and why the application is an essential part of my workflow. I depend on evernote for personal and professional tasking - and I'm now in a situation where the product is essentially useless on 2/3 of the platforms I use on a daily basis. I shouldn't see a note on a forum about "regular updates" - I should see proactive communications indicating that "the application is completely broken and we are working day and night to fix it."

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Regarding sync:

We have a beta that addresses the issue with sync getting stuck at a certain percentage. We've love to have extra eyes to make sure it works. If you reply to the thread at: you'll be contacted to join the beta.

We're doing closed betas for Evernote for Windows 8 (Windows Store app).


L-Train's post about crashes is referring to Windows Phone, which is a completely separate app. I let the Windows Phone team know about your post and they were already working on it. We have some known crashes in the app, the activity logs we've gotten are useful in narrowing it down. We've added stability in our latest beta, and we're continuing to work on it. Because the platform is new, we're still figuring out where all the booby traps are.

Lack of comments about us working day and night

I think that's more of a stylistic difference in communication. I try to not publicly run around like a headless chicken. I would say "completely broken" is a bit exaggerated.

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I looked at OneNote MX, but it is too one dimensional for my needs. I like the flexibiliy of tags and notebooks, and being able to have hierarchical tags. Once this is adequately supported in the Windows 8 Evernote app there will be no comparison. I was stunned that OneNote MX doesn't support handwritten notes on the Surface RT; if Evernote can manage that (maybe along with Skitch) it would be a killer advantage. Taking notes on a tablet using the onscreen keyboard seems to be like working with one hand tied.

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