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  1. I got some questions about Evernote's RT app. I am a Windows Phone use and I'm looking forward on getting a Windows 8 Tablet as soon as I can, they are awesome . This situation makes me wonder if staying at Evernote is the best for me. I love Evernote, its customer support and the community around it but I've been testing these 2 apps for a while and I think OneNote MX is a lot more powerful than its counterpart so far. So I'm here to see and find some of your opinions, what do you think about new windows 8 tablets and OneNote MX vs Evernote for WinRT?
  2. I am using a Lumia 710, I got around 200 notes in my account so far... and images can be photos, web clips, etc For example, i saved several Screenshot of Unit conversion tables with Windows desktop client and saved it to an offline notebook in my phone. But when i try to read them on my phone some of this images which are within the same note are blurry. Also I've tried to watch some pics and got the same problem. The funny part is that it's very inconsistent, if I go out of the note and reload it, sometimes it gets fixed if I have only 1 image, but with the conversion tables 2 images get fixed and the others get blurred.
  3. After using the windows phone client some time I've got to know that some images are not showing correctly, they are blurry. It's weird since I can see them right in the Windows and Web client plus in the phone's app at the same note I can see some images and some are "corrupted".
  4. That happened to me yesterday with a note of the Fujitsu Scanner S1100 which im trying to buy, i opened 1 link to youtube which has a review of it and the content of my note was replaced.
  5. I cant Access the apps even with these links D: It seems they were removed from the store
  6. Does anyone know if we're getting Skitch on other platforms? It'd be a really interesting app to have :<
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