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(Archived) Palm TX showed how offline SHOULD work

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Evernote seems to not understand how offline notes SHOULD work. It has been working seamlessly for years on the Palm TX, and since it seems to me that Evernote haven't grasped the concept, I will explain here.

1) Notes are available on the desktop (Microsoft Outlook). The SAME notes are available on the Palm TX.

2) When the two devices synchronise:

- if a note has changed on the desktop, it is updated in the Palm TX.

- if a note has changed on the Palm TX, it is updated on the desktop

- if a note has (unfortunately) been changed in both places, it is duplicated both ways, and a message informs the user that this has been done

THIS is what is needed for Evernote offline use.

The user ALWAYS has access to ALL his notes EVERYWHERE. Isn't that the whole idea of Evernote?

SCRAP "favorites".

SCRAP "Load another 25 notes"

SCRAP the whole "Pending" box.

Just put 100% of notes on the mobile device and SYNCHRONISE with the web when connected.

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