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  1. I don't know whether Evernote have got their act together on this, but personally I'm now using the competition http://www.toodledo.com as I describe here: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=8058#p30816 Works perfectly for me and my text-only note needs. Only does text notes though, so if you need all the fancy note stuff which Evernote does, you'll have to wait here!
  2. If all you want/need is the same sort of functionality as the Palm TX then I find http://www.toodledo.com does the trick (treating notes as tasks).
  3. Too late, I've found the solution to my notes requirements. It's http://www.toodledo.com which I've now tried and it gives FULL offline synchronisation of ALL my (6500+) notes with their website with NO effort on my part - I just specify my login and password and everything is automatic. None of this ridiculous "load 25 more notes" (yeah, right). None of this ridiculous "favourites" stuff (sorry, but ALL my notes are my favorites). None of this appalling new notes being unchangeable when you create them when offline. None of this unusable delay when changing notes (see my post: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=7995). The Toodledo solution also gives me FULL ability to Create/Change/Update/Delete folders offline (see my post viewtopic.php?f=40&t=7965). Toodledo also gives me the ability to SEARCH all my offline notes. I'm sorry that Evernote is not able to provide the functionality which I was hoping for - basically text notes online PLUS on my iPod Touch, in a simple user-friendly way. That's all I wanted (I don't need or want any of the fancy stuff - just plain text notes). In fairness, the Toodledo solution will not be appropriate for people who want more than text notes. Nonetheless, I find it ironic that Evernote principle boast "Evernote allows you to...make this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere". For me, that was just not true. For me, the iPod Touch Evernote solution was more like an iPod Touch NEVERnote. So for me, this is goodbye to Evernote. Thanks for trying.
  4. You'd think from this self-congratulatory blog post http://blog.evernote.com/2008/10/28/offline-notes/ that the offline problem has been solved. "No network? No problem. Offline Notes on iPhone and iPod." is the headline. Complete rubbish. No network, and Evernote really sucks, and it is a huge problem for anyone (like me) who is used to using notes offline with a system that works as it should (the Palm TX - see Palm TX showed how offline SHOULD workhttp://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=7961. I find the current offline system TOTALLY unusable. ALL notes MUST be available offline - and I have over 5000 notes so don't make me laugh by suggesting I should mark each one as "Favorite" individually on my iPod Touch. SEARCH MUST be possible. What the use is it having all my notes with me if I can't do a simple find of one I need? When I am in my Dutch class (which is what 90% of the notes are for), it would be quicker to walk home (10 minutes) switch on my PC (5 minutes), find the note (1 minute), walk back to class (10 minutes) - total 26 minutes, rather than hunt manually through 5000 favorited notes - about 1 hour. NOTEBOOKS MUST work the same as when connected. What the **** is the point of carefully grouping notes into different notebooks if favorites completely doesn't use them? Even with the current favorites there are huge numbers of problems with the stupid way that they work: * when you make a change to a note (e.g. you change the content), it does not actually change the content where you are working but simply sticks it into the pending box. This is absurd. Just make the change on the offline version and mark it as needing an update but enable the person to keep working. Maybe I'm going away on holiday for 2 weeks and just want to keep on working. * text-only notes can be inaccessible if there is a small non-text part of the note, so you end up with the message something like "cannot access note body because it contains non-text stuff" - when I have tried to use favorites as an offline solution, about 10-20% of my all-text notes get this message. It's so frustrating!!
  5. The iPod Touch version of Evernote is sloooooooooooooow by DESIGN. Imagine that you had a giant Microsoft Word file which took 20 seconds to open, and every time you typed a new word, it saved the file (which took another 20 seconds), and during that time you couldn't work. That's how Evernote is designed. I have thousands of notes, and so it takes around 20 seconds to update (fair enough), but it does this EVERY time I change a SINGLE note. That design sucks! For goodness sake, it should not take 20 seconds EVERY time I change a single note for me to be able to work again.
  6. When I am editing a note on my iPod Touch I should be able to specify the "favorite" or not item DURING the edit. As it currently is, I can make a note a favorite when I have a list of notes, but if I am actually editing a note, and have access to the title, the tags, the notebook, the note body, I SHOULD also have access to whether or not the note is a favorite or not.
  7. I'd like the ability to manage notebooks offline (e.g. on iPod Touch). For example, if I want to create a new notebook, "recipes" on my iPod Touch, this is currently impossible. I can only use notebooks which currently exist. This seems like pretty basic missing functionality.
  8. Evernote seems to not understand how offline notes SHOULD work. It has been working seamlessly for years on the Palm TX, and since it seems to me that Evernote haven't grasped the concept, I will explain here. 1) Notes are available on the desktop (Microsoft Outlook). The SAME notes are available on the Palm TX. 2) When the two devices synchronise: - if a note has changed on the desktop, it is updated in the Palm TX. - if a note has changed on the Palm TX, it is updated on the desktop - if a note has (unfortunately) been changed in both places, it is duplicated both ways, and a message informs the user that this has been done THIS is what is needed for Evernote offline use. The user ALWAYS has access to ALL his notes EVERYWHERE. Isn't that the whole idea of Evernote? SCRAP "favorites". SCRAP "Load another 25 notes" SCRAP the whole "Pending" box. Just put 100% of notes on the mobile device and SYNCHRONISE with the web when connected.
  9. I fully agree that the "favourites" is NOT what I mean by real synchronisation. I mention 3 large problems with the favourites system: * I have over 5000 notes, am I supposed to manually "favourite" each one?!? * With favourites there is no search. This makes it worthless for many requirements. * With favourites there is no grouping of notes into different categories. This makes worthless the whole idea of grouping notes into categories. The synchronisation system should be: * 100% of notes (i.e. ALL notes are synchronised to the iPhone/iPod Touch, and scrap the ridiculous "load 25 more notes" thing) * 100% of features when connected (search, categories, ...) * automatic (i.e. nothing is required for the user to do it) * seamless (i.e. scrap the "pending" box, and just sync notes when they can be synched) * default (this is how it should work without asking) Basically, the notes system on the iPhone/iPod Touch should work with 100% of the notes on the device, which simply synchronises to the web version whenever connected.
  10. If I have taken the trouble to define search text criteria, and then decide to change the notebook which I am searching in then the search text should stay the same! For example, I type the search text "blah blah blah", and the current notebook is set to "Nb 1". It returns no results. Then I decide, ah yes, I need to search for blah blah blah in all notebooks, because I know it's there somewhere. So I change the search criteria to say "All Notebooks". And it erases my search text "blah blah blah". Grrrrr!!!!! No! No! No! I should be able to CHANGE my notebooks being search without erasing my search text!!
  11. Yes, I would also like a listview option on the iPod Touch. I use the notes as vocabulary flashcards, and it is useful to able to view the title (the foreign word) and not see the note body (the English equivalent with examples).
  12. I propose that the "title" field automatically defaults to the first line (words/chars) of filled in text in the note body. This is a much more friendly and useful default that "untitled note". I currently waste time duplicating the first line of text into my note title. I see that the iPod Touch application "YouNote" does this.
  13. To me, as an end user, the pending box is totally worthless, and should be removed. As a geek, it has some curiosity value, but the Evernote system is for end users, not for geeks testing. When a note needs synchronising, just mark it secretly (=invisibly) that it needs synchronising, and then, when a connection is available, just do it! I don't want to know that it needs synchronising. If it was changed, I know it's going to be synchronised. This is NOT an e-mail system!! Imagine: you work on your iPod Touch (for example) changing or adding notes as much as you like, and you don't even think about the process of synchronisation. That's how it should be.
  14. I tried the "Add Note" feature on my iPod Touch while away from a wifi connection, and it appears that once a note goes into the "Pending" tray, it is completely unchangeable. How stupid is that!? No, any note should be TOTALLY usable as a normal note the entire time it is waiting to be synchronised. i.e. a note can be changed as many times as the user likes until synchronisation happens.
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