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I would love the capability of using the embed codes provided by youtube and other video services such as vimeo to just embed it in my note. Currently I have to use web clipper, which then sends me back out to the actual site to view the video. I want to create a note, type some ideas, and if there happens to be a video that goes along with it, have that embeded in the note. This would also be a way to get around the video file size limits.

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Old post, but i'd like to add support to this idea. There needs to be a solution for video in evernote, its the only missing element day to day for me. I understand evernote not wanting to take on hosting huge video files and this seems like a pretty good solution..

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+1 from me.


I've seen this request pop up for quite some time (over 1 year). Each time it's been 'Noted!', and then I see tumbleweed...


I was geting excited however, when I used the Clearly plugin on this page: http://lifehacker.com/these-12-videos-show-the-proper-form-for-a-7-minute-ful-499199366, and it had the embedded videos in the article. Alas, on checking in my Mac Evernote client, they were nowhere to be seen. Ah well.


C'mon peeps, I can't see this being a particularly hard thing to incorporate. :)

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