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(Archived) Cross Platform Text Formatting Parity?


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I just started using EN yesterday on my iPhone, and I am seeing good results.

However, I used the Section, SubSection, and Paragraph formatting options, only to discover they seem to be only available on the iPhone (compared to Windows Desktop and Web clients).

This is problematic as my formatting becomes unwieldy after editing on multiple platforms.

Anyone know how I can either access the Section, SubSection, and Paragraph options outside of the iPhone client, or at the very least, emulate them on other clients?


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I'm evaluating Evernote after being a Simplenote user. I'm perplexed over why the Section, SubSection, and Paragraph formatting options are unavailable in the Windows and Web versions.

Simple hotkeys or toolbars for such basic formatting would make Evernote much more productive. Obviously, that was the idea behind adding those options to the iPhone app, so why not to the other apps?

Formatting options are nice, but if it all has to be manual, then it's not worth the hassle. It seems odd that such basic, obvious features aren't available.

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I'm using EN on an iPhone, iPad and Windows 7 PC. I like the Section/SubSection formatting I recently found on my iPhone client and miss/want them on the iPad and in the Windows environment.


I can offer this work-around: Copy several letters from an existing Section or SubSection heading and paste it where you want the new heading to be. Edit the pasted text to the new heading text. Be careful; if you delete too much (the paragraph marker, I suspect) you'll lose the Section/SubSection formatting.


Not great, but a functional work-around.

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