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(Archived) Can I store on Evernote my notes from an ebook i'm reading?

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I'm thinking to buy a Nook, but i doesn't understand really if it will be possible to syncronize with Evernote my notes from ebooks i'll read.Thanks a lot.

Hi. Welcome to the forums!

I know nothing at all about syncing Evernote with ebooks on the Nook (or even Android ebooks in general). However, I do know that the Sony e-reader is doing some exciting things with Evernote (an Evernote employee kindly demonstrated this at the Evernote Trunk Conference last week and I was quite impressed). If you are looking for just an e-reader, then this might be something to consider.

More generally speaking, if you are looking for a tablet/e-reader, I think this might not be a great time to buy a Nook, unless you are deeply invested in Barnes and Noble or their ecosystem. Amazon is poised to unveil a new Kindle Fire, the Google Nexus 7 is a great device (I have enjoyed reading on it), and Apple is rumored to have an iPad Mini in the works (personally, I wouldn't be surprised if this is just wishful thinking by the rumorati, but it is still a possibility). My own preference is for the new iPad (the retina display is wonderful).

At any rate, dollar for dollar, you will get a lot more out of other products (in my opinion). This isn't an attack on the Nook, which was a fine product in its time, but a recommendation to stay away from technology that has grown outdated.

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I do this all the time, but it does require the predictable steps. For Kindle, you can go to the quotes and copy/paste from the "Manage your account" part at Amazon.com. One thing I do, when reading from iPhone or iPad is shoot a screen shot of the highlight, then of the page reference and copy them over to Evernote. It does get tedious for quote-after-quote.

I agree that it would be great for a highlight to go to Evernote (as its own note with page reference included) directly. That it cannot do such a thing is probably from the proprietary nature of Kindle/Amazon (remember when the Kindle apps for other devices stopped making it possible to buy new books from the apps themselves) rather than a deficiency of Evernote.

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