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  1. How great would it be? If only HIPAA would allow us to do this. The nature of the notes, pictures, audio, free text and documents: We would never forget another patient. I know this sounds terribly unrealistic, but then again, with all the encryption and general safety of EN's data storage? I'd love it and welcome any thoughts.
  2. Is there any reason to believe Evernote will not be compatible with the new IOS 7 software for iPhone?
  3. Does EN enable users to look at "usage" for previous months/cycles?
  4. I do this all the time, but it does require the predictable steps. For Kindle, you can go to the quotes and copy/paste from the "Manage your account" part at Amazon.com. One thing I do, when reading from iPhone or iPad is shoot a screen shot of the highlight, then of the page reference and copy them over to Evernote. It does get tedious for quote-after-quote. I agree that it would be great for a highlight to go to Evernote (as its own note with page reference included) directly. That it cannot do such a thing is probably from the proprietary nature of Kindle/Amazon (remember when the Kindle apps for other devices stopped making it possible to buy new books from the apps themselves) rather than a deficiency of Evernote.
  5. EN works as well as ever, but lately, I've been having the app just shut down as though I've pressed the bottom button. It does, however, turn right back on to where I'd been before the shutdown. Does anyone else have this problem?
  6. On my iPhone or iPad, I have trouble checking to see what tags are on notes. When I open a note, I can't automatically see a list of tags assigned to them. To see the tags, I have to enter the "edit note" mode. And when I have written a note on my laptop and have it in the I can't check the tags in the edit mode unless I make a copy or append. Am I missing something? Or is it time for a feature request?
  7. I'm a relative novice to Evernote and have just gone premium on it. The applicability is staggering. But so far, I have not used it as a means of storing login and password data for other apps and other things I use. Is the encryption robust enough for me to store a list of my logins and passwords for, say Google, Active.com, etc.? Does anyone else use Evernote to store this stuff?
  8. I'll bet it won't be long before there are 25 million.
  9. For what it's worth, I would love it if Evernote had a calendar, too. For all the sorting means it has (I mean, even GEOtagging in case you forget everything about that one note but WHERE you created it...), you'd think the calendar would be another means to sort. Another graphic way to remember/find a note.
  10. jbenson2: I could use your system. Mine has no rime or reason. I've only discovered Evernote since I got an iPhone in February. I have several hundred notes at this time and about 100 tags. The way I use the tags, I'll need some type of hierarchy. It'd be great for keeping track of books as you do.
  11. Well, I posted too quickly...just discovered (should use Evernote on laptop more than on handheld devices) that I can drag one tag into another and categorize that way. This'll help a ton. I'm one of those users who tags heavily and likes to see the relationships. Jefito: Thanks for your post.
  12. I love the tags. Powerful layer of sorting capability... Does anyone else have so many tags that they're becoming more of a liability than an asset (i.e. too much time to tag and finish notes)? Is there a way to categorize tags to be able to go through them more quickly?
  13. General question for users: Is there any way to put some link between two notes when the association is weak or when the association will be between only those two notes? I'm already bogged down with too many tags to sort through, and since there's no real category, I wonder if there's just a way to make it so that when one of these notes comes up, both come up. The specific scenario is this: I am a doctor who has a patient with an interesting medical case, so I've included specifics (minus her identity!) in one note among my interesting cases in a Work notebook. Meanwhile, in a totally unrelated notebook about personal goings-on, I wrote down something profound I once heard, a statement I might like to include in a book I'm working on. Later, I found that the "interesting patient" and the guy who made the profound statement are husband and wife. Just wanted to make a link between worlds-apart notes. It would be easy to copy the complete contents of each note under the two titles, I suppose, but I'd also like to learn of any capability Evernote has to link in this way; I think Evernote is fantastic!
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