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(Archived) Security Tip - secure Time Machine backup

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I have EN at work on two Macs - both running the same EN account. I have Time Machine to back one Mac up to a local HD.

My worry is that I could have a rogue employee who would not only delete/corrupt notes on their Mac, but could also go into the Time Machine backup and do the same.

So I have EN running the same account on my Mac at home (a real help in it's own right), with that running Time Machine as well. As that Time Machine is out of their hands, this gives me good security.

I'm hoping that Evernote for Business will have the ability to control user access rights.

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Thanks for the tip.

Maybe you could help with a couple of questions I have had concerning backup.

1. Have you attempted/verified the restore of Evernote notes from your Time Machine backup?

2. If so, what process did you follow?

2a. How did you identify the time machine files to restore?

2b. Was it as simple as restoring the files, or did you have to do other things with Evernote?

2c. How does the Evernote database/index get updated after the restore?

Thanks again for sharing.

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