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I am interested in opening a notebook and sharing it with my co-workers

I want my co-workers to also be able to write an edit my notebook

I understood from the site, that you have to be a premium user

My question is, do all my co-workers also have to be premium users, or is it enough that only I am a premium user?

Can I also share more than one notebook?


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Hi - welcome to the Forum. Collaboration on this scale is probably not something Evernote can handle, so you need to do your due diligence and run some trials with whatever software you think of using before you make any grand announcements. To answer your specific questions, you do need to be a Premium user to share books, and you can share as many books as you wish - but if you allow your users to edit your notes, the more users you have, the more problems you may get if things go wrong.

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There's apparently a new Evernote product for business due out in December which will include more options for sharing. The current product is good for one-way sharing - if you want to allow me to look at stuff that you have collected, like recipes, tech information etc; but once you allow me to edit what you have, you're subject to sync delays. Think about it like driving Curiosity on Mars. You make a change to a note. Your system syncs to the server 20 minutes later. Then my system pics up the change when I sync 20 minutes after that. Trouble is I already changed that note 10 minutes ago. You now have two copies of the note in a new 'conflicting changes' notebook set up by the system and no-one knows which note is correct. Multiply that by however many people you have in your group...

You may get around it by telling everyone to manually sync both before and after each edit, but people will forget. Like I said.. small scale tests.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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