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(Archived) Account usage questions

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I have a question about account usage. My husband has only 34 notes with about 20 being snapshots taken with his tablet. He rarely uses it. I've been trying to get him to use it more. However when I looked at his account usage it showed 3 days left and 1.1MB remaining. It looks like he can't use it anymore. I don't think he has added many notes in the last month.

I use my account more. There are 235 notes with a lot of them being web clips/content, etc. My account usage shows 25 days remaining and there is 59.8 MB remaining. THere are notes frequently being added to this account.

How does this account usage work? Is it right that he can't do much more with his?

Mary Beth

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Usage is not by number of notes but by size of the notes. Images normally are larger than text. If your husband has only 1.1 mb left, then yes, that's all he's got untl his cycle refreshes. (He could always go premium for a month/year. If he's already premium, he can add another gig for $5, if he can't wait for a few days. One can always use an image editor to resize/crop images before uploading to Evernote, in order to conserve space.

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