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  1. I'm running out of space on my tablet and the gallery is one place to get space. If I take a picture on my tablet and put it in Evernote, can I delete the picture from my gallery? Or if I delete the photo in gallery does it also delete in Evernote?
  2. Thank you for the information. Caching must be what I am seeing. I've thought about a premium account but wanted to understand the free one first.
  3. My tablet has wifi only and I do not have a premium package yet. I'm trying to understand why in one case I could access notes offline and then later couldn't. Sitting at work with no internet connection I was able to open and edit a note that was typed or cut and pasted into Evernote. The note contained a list of what I needed to research. I couldn't open the attached pdf. I printed the pdf and figured "great, I'll have the information I need." The next day I was in a courthouse and tried to open the Evernote note. It wouldn't open because I didn't have an internet connection. I ended up having to find a local library and cut and paste the note out of Evernote and into my word processor. Then I went back to the courthouse. Back at work today and I can open the note. Even tried turning wifi off and the note still opened. Why can I open it one place and not another? I'm trying to find the consistency of accessing notes. Mary Beth
  4. What I have is a tablet with wifi connection so everything has to be stored on the local tablet. I also need to be able to search for words in the information about the individual.
  5. I have a question about account usage. My husband has only 34 notes with about 20 being snapshots taken with his tablet. He rarely uses it. I've been trying to get him to use it more. However when I looked at his account usage it showed 3 days left and 1.1MB remaining. It looks like he can't use it anymore. I don't think he has added many notes in the last month. I use my account more. There are 235 notes with a lot of them being web clips/content, etc. My account usage shows 25 days remaining and there is 59.8 MB remaining. THere are notes frequently being added to this account. How does this account usage work? Is it right that he can't do much more with his? Mary Beth
  6. I was thinking that I had read that Evernote will OCR everyone's pdfs however premium users came first. It must have referred to some other type of note. That you for the information.
  7. From what I've been told at work there are different types of pdfs. Our printer/scanner scans a picture of text, and it is saved to the pdf as an image, the pdf reader can only think of it as an image and not the words. Can Evernote OCR these pdfs? I have several documents/books/etc that I have scanned on the work printer that I want to put on Evernote and be able to find it. Is there anyway to tell what kind of a pdf you have? As another question how can you tell if Evernote has OCRed a pdf. I know that it can take awhile if you're not a premium subscriber. As soon as I get a tablet, I will be doing this but not yet. My work account will not be premium. Any suggestions?
  8. I don't see any difference. It says it upgraded but looks exactly the same.
  9. I'll have to give that a try. I wasn't aware that a note could have multiple images.
  10. Thank you for the info about scanning as a pdf. I knew having a separate notebook would be unreasonable but couldn't think of anyway to keep the front and back together. I'll check into a scanning program. Sounds like a premium membership is what I'll be needing to I can search the pdfs. Thanks!
  11. I'm looking for the best way to handle business cards that I receive. When at a conference we will gather in groups, exchange business cards and share information. The shared information I write on the back of the business card. I understand that you can take a picture of the card and save it but has anyone else done something similar where you need to keep two images together? Should I do a new notebook for each person? That could run to 100+ notebooks. Any other suggestion for keeping the front and back together? Mary Beth
  12. We just got a Asus Transformer tablet (our first Android device), installed Evernote and are experimenting with how to use it for my husband's work. I was able to create a notebook entitled "Ed" and put it in a stack entitled "Clients". One note would have Ed's contact information, another note would have any written information my husband needs for the cabinet job. I took a picture using Skitch of a sketch he had made. Exported? it to Evernote. It was placed in the main notebook. How can I get it from the main notebook into Ed's notebook? Is there something I should have done in Skitch or the Camera to get it in the right place to begin with? Thanks for any advice. Mary Beth
  13. The lite thing sounds good to me also. It would also give folks like me a trial to see if they use it alot or not. As it is, if I'm going to have to pay for MB I don't use I'll probably find another way and not worry with syncing to the computer.
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