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I can't quite figure out the Evernote app available in the new WIndows 8 app store. It looks pretty but:

- How do you search for a note? I don't see a search function

- How do you view pdf attachments? Clicking on them doesn't seem to do anything

- Is this a replacement for the standard Windows application?

I installed the app after I already had the normal Windows application installed. The app then seemed to download all my notes again. I don't know where it put them but now I assume I have two Evernote databases on my local system?

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Our Windows 8 app is still a work in progress. Well, actually, it'll still be worked even after it becomes generally available anyways. We're working on adding new functionality. The neat thing about Windows 8 is that you'll be able to use our Desktop App and the app you download from the Windows Store. You'll be able to use whichever use which makes the most sense for you and your workflow.

About your two databases, currently there are two databases. It would be useful to share a single database, but there are technical hurdles we haven't overcome.

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Guest mrossk

As far as I know, Windows 8 has a completely new strategy for storing data. Example: Win8 supports a new recovery-procedure which keeps all your data (seems to be similar as in apple products). This can only work if the programmers use the new Win8 guidelines for storing data.

So using 2 databases for the different windows-modes is absolultely correct and EN should not see it as hurdle.

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Still no newer version available? Windows 8 has gone in public release, but Evernote app is still very basic in functionalities.

We've been pushing updates regularly for a few months now. For example, we've recently added in snapped state for the entire app as well as hierarchy for notebooks and tags.

We'll be continuing to add and improve

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In the meantime, you can uninstall the Evernote Metro app, go to the Windows desktop and download and install the "regular" Windows version of Evernote and it'll work just fine.

I'm finding other example like this where Windows 8 had "two sides". The Metro side is still not quite ready for prime time, it seems.

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