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(Archived) Safari: invoking web clipper when button is *hidden*


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i do a good bit of work on a web site that opens small windows. the web clipper works perfectly -- but its button is always hidden because in the small windows (a) the toolbar is hidden and (B) even after revealing the toolbar, the windows are too small for the button to be displayed without first enlarging it.

is there a way to invoke the clipper without physically clipping the button? a "web clipper" item added to safari's menus would be ideal, because a keyboard shortcut could be used to invoke it. unfortunately, the existing "clip to evernote" option in evernote's own menu (under the elephant icon to the right) only clips the *visible* portion of a window. so, that doesn't work, because the windows in question usually have additional information that must be accessed via scrolling.

as i have to clip several dozen of these windows a day, it's prohibitively cumbersome to have to first (a) show the toolbar, then (B) enlarge the window, just to be able to get to the web-clipper button.


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Have you tried using the right click (context menu) and choose any of the Evernote options?

an excellent suggestion, and i was eager to try it.

unfortunately (like some sort of cosmic joke), the small windows i need to clip do not respond to commands to invoke the contextual menu. i've tried various methods, and none of them works on those windows. of course, when i switch to the larger, "parent" windows (on the same web site), contextual menus appear every time, without fail.

thanks for the suggestion.

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