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How do I delete a recording only from an Evernote with text in it?

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Hi there, I tried doing a search on Google and this forum but found nothing so I'm starting this topic with my question.

Last night from my iphone, I accidentally tapped the voice recorder button in a note I was typing. It created a 1 second voice recording within my note. I cannot figure out how to delete this recording from the note. From my iphone, I can only play the recording--there is no option to delete it. Clicking the X in the corner of the Quicktime window only closes it.

From my computer, I can see the recording embedded in my note, but again, can only play it. If I click to edit the note, the recording does not appear in the editor for deletion--only the text is present.

It's not the biggest deal in the world, but I'd like to be able to see my note without a useless Quicktime voice recording plopped right in the middle of it. Can anyone help me fix this please?


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No cursor comes up on my iPhone 4 so no possibility of backspacing it! Now what do I do? Thinking the mic icon would open a start page, I accidentally created two audio notes and can't delete them! Only just downloaded the app and not a great start! Please help with this cos it's really annoying.

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Thanks gbarry, your solution worked!  Alimadee, I did EXACTLY the same as you, and I just kept tapping until I could finally get the curser past the 2 recordings, then backspaced 2x and they disappeared!  Keep trying!                                                                        




Oops, editting this now that I just noticed your post was in 2013.  I trust you were successful since then.

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