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(Archived) Default title text should be taken from note itself

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I propose that the "title" field automatically defaults to the first line (words/chars) of filled in text in the note body. This is a much more friendly and useful default that "untitled note". I currently waste time duplicating the first line of text into my note title. I see that the iPod Touch application "YouNote" does this.

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I'm confused about this question. What platform are you using? In Windows, the first line of a text note becomes the title. The only time I get an "untitled note" is if I have an image in a note and no text to go with it.

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Bumping this up since I am having a similar problem and cannot find any type of options to fix it:

I'm using the newest windows version (same issue with previous releases). Whenever I clip a note from a webpage it always titles the note as the title of the webpage. This isn't a problem if I am actually clipping the entire webpage, as I would want the title of the note to be this default setting.

The problem arises when I want to do multiple, seperate clips of text from a webpage into different notes. Like say a webpage that has 20 different paragraphs and I want to clip all 20 individually to seperate notes. It would be very convenient to title the tag as the beginning text of the paragraph automatically instead of doing the default and making the same title tag for all 20 clips. Right now, I have to manually go to the windowpane in evernote, click on the title tag, highlight and delete the default title (which is the actual title of the webpage), THEN evernote titles the tag with the first XXXX or whatever number of words.

Is this going to be an option in future releases. It would save a HUGE amount of time instead of having to keep doing this manually. Thanks!

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