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(Archived) REQUEST: Multi-level hierarchy

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I'm using Evernote daily in my work as IT-salesman.

I have many contacts in different levels of the same customer organizations, and would like to organize my notes in a hierarchy where the top level would be country, second level would be region, third level would be local management and so on. As I understand Evernote is capable of just a parenteral level with one sublevel.

I would love to see the multiple level hieararchy very soon. This would fullfill my expectation to this great piece of software.

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If you're going to delve into Evernote, you will need to learn to use tags for your use (very doable) rather than notebooks/sub notebooks. This has been discussed at great, great length already on the board. Please use the search function if you want to check some of the many threads out.

Moving this to the General Discussion area, since it's not pertaining to the Knowledge Base.

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