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(Archived) Organizing chapters


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Here is a handy thing I use frequently:

When I am writing books, or copying chapters of other books, I like to have each capter in a separate note.

I label them in order: Hamlet 01, Hamlet 02, etc.

I use two digits if I have more than 9 chapters so they will stay in order in the list.

Then I make a top level note: Hamlet

In this I put the over view stuff, then a list of chapter titles each prefaced by the link to it.

For each chapter I start the title line with a link back to the top level note, then a space, then two tabs, then the chapter title.

The space keeps the green underline of the link from extending with the tab.

Now I can go to the top level, jump to the chapter I want, then jump back to work on another one.

You can even get carried away and put forward and back links.

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