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  1. Thanks. I will try share. The reason I want the music separate is because these have nothing to do with the other information. I already have them grouped in separate notebooks. Tags however get mixed. Its just cleaner and easier. I have 14,400 notes in my original account, about 6000 are sheet music related. I have had issues with sluggish performance and feel it might be related to the size of the database.
  2. Never mind. I found you can export the files from one account and import it in the other.
  3. My Evernote account has over 10,000 notes. About 4000 of them are scanned pieces of sheet music. I would like to have these under a separate account as they are unrelated to anything else. I can make a new account. But how can I get the notes over?
  4. You cannot now filter notes by author. You can sort the list in a folder or in the all notes pile by author, but this is unwieldy when you have a lot of notes. You can filter notes by folder and by tag. Author should be the same way.
  5. If I could sort tags by the number of notes used rather than alphabetically, that would be very useful. I have over 11,000 notes in Evernote. To keep these organized I have, over the years, set up over 60 folders and over 400 tags,. This has gotten very unwieldy. I would like to have fewer folders. And use the tabs for major segregation. The problem is that tabs are shown alphabetically. So when I want to tag something I have written with "writing" it is way down the list. I use the Momo Note app for a lot of my shorter notes, and this app does allow the most used tabs to be at the top of the list. Seems like this would not be a very difficult improvement to implement.
  6. Here is a handy thing I use frequently: When I am writing books, or copying chapters of other books, I like to have each capter in a separate note. I label them in order: Hamlet 01, Hamlet 02, etc. I use two digits if I have more than 9 chapters so they will stay in order in the list. Then I make a top level note: Hamlet In this I put the over view stuff, then a list of chapter titles each prefaced by the link to it. For each chapter I start the title line with a link back to the top level note, then a space, then two tabs, then the chapter title. The space keeps the green underline of the link from extending with the tab. Now I can go to the top level, jump to the chapter I want, then jump back to work on another one. You can even get carried away and put forward and back links.
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