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(Archived) Cannot move Evernote window to another monitor



Noticed a minor issue... I'm using evernote on a mac book pro with lion and have a external monitor. I have arranged it so that the top of my screen links to the other monitor, but with this arrangement I am not able to move my evernote window from my laptop to the monitor. The evernote window gets stuck at the top of my laptop screen when I try dragging it. If I arrange my monitor so that the right side of my screen links to the monitor then this is not an issue.



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Yes thats correct, other windows move fine up to the other monitor. This only happens when I arrange my laptop screen and monitor vertically, when its set up side by side then it works ok.

Also I am using Evernote Version 3.1.2 (255119) and Lion OSX 10.7.4

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