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(Archived) HELP!! Restore information of a note

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Hi and welcome to the Forums. Provided your note was synced with the original information, you would have that available in the history. You may also find that the web client has different information than your local client. I'd suggest you prevent your current client from syncing, and check the web content to see whether the original data still exists there. If not, and you are a Premium user, check the history of your note online. It is possible though that your data was lost at your local client before it was synced. If Evernote did not have a chance to record that information initially, there's no chance for them to assist you in its recovery. However you could still raise a support ticket in case there's something they can suggest. If you are recording sensitive data it would be a good idea to start taking regular backups so you can restore your database from a local copy if things go wrong.

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Hi all,

Today, when i opened a note that i saved couple days ago, a lot of high importance information has disappeared.

How can i restore information previously saved?

Best Regards,

João Oliveira

Hi. Welcome to the discussion forums!

It is difficult to know how to help without more information, and I suggest you open a support ticket (see my signature below). If you are on Mac or Windows, you also have a local copy of your data, so any backups you have been making (I recommend daily backups with version histories like Time Machine on the Mac or Altaro Oops!Backup on Windows) will have a copy of that data. If you have synced with the cloud, you will have a copy of the data online (I'd follow Gaz's advice and turn off syncing just in case). And, if you have been using your mobile and are a premium user with offline notebooks, you may have a copy on that device. There is also the possibility of seeing your note history. In other words, there are a lot of options, but I think that in cases of data loss it is best to contact customer support as soon as possible.

After you start a support ticket, you may want to post the ticket number here to help Evernote staff track it, and if you could update us about the progress of your case, that would be much appreciated. Good luck!

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