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(Archived) pdfs created from images - ocr

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From what I've been told at work there are different types of pdfs. Our printer/scanner scans a picture of text, and it is saved to the pdf as an image, the pdf reader can only think of it as an image and not the words. Can Evernote OCR these pdfs? I have several documents/books/etc that I have scanned on the work printer that I want to put on Evernote and be able to find it. Is there anyway to tell what kind of a pdf you have?

As another question how can you tell if Evernote has OCRed a pdf. I know that it can take awhile if you're not a premium subscriber. As soon as I get a tablet, I will be doing this but not yet. My work account will not be premium.

Any suggestions?

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Yes, if you have a PDF that has not been OCR'ed, Evernote can OCR it for you. However, you need to have a Premium account for that to happen. If you don't have a Premium account, you'll need to OCR it on your computer with some OCR software before uploading it. If you do that, Evernote will be able to search the text.

The way I tell if Evernote has OCR'ed a PDF is to right-click on it. If it says "Save Searchable PDF as...", Evernote has OCR'ed it. Here's an example: http://cl.ly/image/2o3m2U0J2l0E.

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