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(Archived) Feature Request: Robust Text Editing

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Sorry if this is a repeated request. I did a search on keywords but didn't find exactly this. The main thing it use Evernote for is for writing. It's the perfect tool to spread across the three computers (two macs and one PC) and keeps them all up to the moment. But, though good, it's not really a full scale text editor, at least on the PC. The things I'm thinking of are dictionaries, save to formats, etc. It's good, but not all encompassing. In fact, writing on the web, using firefox offers more features than the local PC client. I would LOVE to never need to use notepad or textedit again. That's the level of feature richness I'm looking for.


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I don’t know whether or not this would suit you, but for writing with full rich text/word processing features, a better solution - if being online is always available - might be Google Docs, Zoho Writer, Buzzword, or one of several other online word processors. This article at Mashable has short reviews of each along with links.


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Thanks. In fact I already use that solution (Google Docs), but I still prefer Evernote. I like to write on planes and out of reach of the internet in various places. I also have better editors and word processors, but there is that step of copying and pasting to evernote. The mac client is much better than the PC, but that is because it can access all the base OS X dictionaries and such. Evernote itself is pretty stripped down as an editor. In fact, I think this user forum has more options than the PC client.

It's just a request. I'm certainly not going to stop using evernote over this. I'm just offering suggestions for future improvement.

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