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(Archived) Newbie question


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Hi all

I'm new to using Evernote and so far, I'm absolutely thrilled about the program :) It's really helped me organize a lot better. The only thing that rattles my newfound love for the program is that I don't know how to get around the webclipper.

Ex. I'm copying a single word from a page with CTRL + C and then when I try to paste it in to Google with CTRL + V, it instead makes a new note in Evernote. We're both using Mozilla and Chrome at home here, and I really can't figure out how I stop it from doing that?

Is there anyone who can give me a quick explanation? pref in a VERY simple language :D

Thank you in advance :)

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Hi. Welcome to the forums!

I assume you are using Windows, because on the Mac I do not have this problem. I don't remember having the problem on my Windows machine either, but I am out and about with my Mac today, so I am afraid I cannot test that, or offer any useful advice.

The problem sounds like one with the shortcut keys, and you may have to re-assign them. The process is easy to do, but let's wait for one of the users with a Windows machine on hand to jump in with a solution.

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