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(Archived) HELP: Is there a way to select multiple notebooks? [NO]



Is there a way to multi-select notebooks in Evernote? I'm using Beta 3.2 beta 2 and don't see this capability. Maybe I'm missing a keyboard combination (which happens to be a lot since I'm a convert from the Windows world). I've tried holding the Command key, the Control key, the Shift key and a combination of all three. I'd like to be able to select multiple notebooks and then be able to Export, move to a stack, etc. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


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Hi David,

It doesn't look like Evernote supports a multi-select function for notebooks, only notes. Someone had a similar question here: It seems like the best workaround would be to create a stack and export multiple notes that way.

In terms of moving notes to a stack, I agree it would be really convenient for a multi-select function to exist. However, I've come up with some small workarounds that have worked for me:

1. Right click a notebook and create a stack, then drag and drop notes into that stack (takes seconds!)

2. Drag and drop a note into another. This automatically creates a stack that includes both. From there, you can drag and drop any other notes you want to include in that stack :)

Hope that helps!

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It seems like the best workaround would be to create a stack and export multiple notes that way.

Hi sshih, If your suggestion worked I would use it :) Unfortunately when I try to export a stack I get back the same message every time "Export Complete. Exported 0 Notes." no matter how many notes are in the stack. I've posted this issue previously but have yet to get a response from Evernote. As a software developer it seems pretty trivial (my opinion) to add multi-select and export multiple notebooks at the same time. If you can export one, why not 10? It's just a loop after all. Maybe not. I'm not saying Evernote is doing something wrong or that they don't know what they are doing so please don't whack my upside the head for making that comment. I suspect this is a priority issue. Maybe Evernote will respond with a more formal explanation.

Anyway I've created my own AppleScript to accomplish what I need. It works great and exports 60+ notebooks and almost 200 notes in a few seconds. The resulting export for each notebook is saved in a file using the notebook's name followed by .enex. If anyone has a similar issue let me know and I can get you the code.


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