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  1. Thanks, Graeme! Yes indeed, incorporating Peek will be my next step for sure- once I get my hands on an iPad
  2. Disclaimer: this idea only applies to Evernote for Mac, but I'm sure it can be easily duplicated across platforms. I'm a part-liberal arts student at UT, and I love discovering new words. For years, I've struggled with the best way to look up and remember words I come across in the various books and articles I read. Ever since I got a Mac a few years back, I have been using the dictionary app almost 24/7! I love how trustworthy, well-designed, and ad-free it is. With its Wikipedia integration, it's my one-stop shop for any definitions. Recently, I've come to incorporate Evernote as a great way of saving the words I come across. Here's what I do: 1. Look up a word in Dictionary App 2. Use icon in menu bar to "Clip Rectangle or Window to Evernote" 3. Select the definition 4. Add word as the title And, voilà! My very own Evernote Dictionary, beautifully organized and designed: What's even better is that even when you clip articles from the web, you can right-click on a word --> Look up in Dictionary right from your Evernote. Oh, the sweet smell of progress And as always, I'm open to suggestions. Are any of you all doing something similar? Have you found an even better way to clip/organize words?
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