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(Archived) Editing a Word doc in a shared notebook

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I am working with one other person on a joint project. I love EN for being able to clip webpages, attach pdfs, share To Do lists and otherwise share reference material and ideas for this project.

Ultimately, there are a number of products that have to come out of this project, in the form of Word documents. If I create a note with an attached word doc, she can read it and even make edits at her workstation, but when she tries to save it, the edits seem to disappear (when I then synch and look at the attachment, her edits are gone).

Can a sharee edit an attached word doc and have the edits save? If so, what are we doing wrong?

It is so nice to have everything in one place; I would hate to have to go to Dropbox for the docs we need to edit together when everything else is in EN. It's just not an elegant solution.

If it makes any difference, I'm a premium acct and she's a free user.


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I have similar problems, and even more basic ones: can't create a new note in a shared notebook created by a free user. And she couldn't even see the notes I created from my premium account.

My workaround to your problem is to share the hyperlink to the [shared] dropbox Word doc.

I'm hoping someone will suggest something better!


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I have the same problem. In fact my changes seems to vanish even so I don't even have shared my note anyhow.


I found out that in my local evernote directory: 



the files are renamed by evernote automatically. Evernote attaches an [1] at the end of original name.

(that only happens sometimes...???)

Since the link does not point to the renamed version, after you close the file and reopen again. It seems that your changes are gone.


But the link is only outdated.


I guess its a bug. 



I will try the option over the dropbox...

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Hi earnestham and welcome to the forum,


I think I understand that you are not sharing a Note but you still cannot make an adjustment which is then saved in a Word document within that Note?


This should work by simply opening the Word document from within the Note, making changes then saving it. I am not aware of any problems.


Can you give us detail of what platform you are trying to do this on? Windows/Apple/Web etc.


Best regards




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Hi Chris,


thanx for quick reply.

Yes you right. My assumption that my the evernote link is outdated is simply wrong. Sorry evernote for falsly accusing...


For my excuse its my special use case which made believe that something went wrong.


I use MS Visio which internally is referenced to an MS Excel. Both files are in one evernote note.

When I make changes in the excel I want them to update the visio.


What happens now is the following: Since evernote (sometimes) renames the excel. The visio from then on cannot  recognize any changes anymore, since it still points to the old excel file.

This made me believe that there is something wrong.


Still I don't understand , why evernote renames the file and when?




my Version:

Evernote for Windows Release Notes









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Hi Julian,


It is some time since I used Visio so forgive me if I have got this wrong. I believe what you are saying is you make a change in an Excel spreadsheet which should automatically change the Visio document?


If this is what you are looking for I somehow doubt that this will happen in a Note. The reason is because when you open a document such as Excel within a Note you are not affecting the original document on your computer, but the one which is now stored within the Evernote, Note. So the link between the Excel spreadsheet and the Visio document is not going to be there.


As you rightly point out the Evernote versions of your documents are copied and kept in a separate and different location within your computer. 


I am not sure if it is possible to this, if I have understood your requirement correctly. But I will ask some of the other Evangelists to take a look for you.


Best regards




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