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(Archived) Why do I have two clipper symbols? Which one to use?


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I use Safari 5.1.7. In my symbol bar there are two Evernote clipper icons. If I hover the cursor over it, one only says "Evernote", while the other (the darker icon) says "Add the currently selected content to Evernote. If nothing is selected ..." (see screenshot). Are they both up to date? And if so, why are there two different ones and what is the other one (the one that only says "Evernote") good for? Thank you for any hint.


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Hi icoco,

You probably have a beta version of the clipper in addition to the production version. If you go to the 'Manage Extensions' page you can remover or disable the Web Clipper that is older. The latest production release is version 5.5

Another option is to uninstall them all and reinstall from the Chrome store.


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Oops, you were on Safari...

You might have both the old Web Clipper plug in and the new Web Clipper extension installed. Going forward you should use the extension, verify this by:

1 - Go to Safari Preferences > Extensions tab.

2 - Latest version is 1.0.2

To uninstall the old plug in (that will not work in Safari 5.1 and higher) follow instructions on this article:


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