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Request: convert handwritten note to text

David Sarnowski


I am delighted by the acquisition of Penultimate, but it raises a concern that has been lingering for a while. Evernote can read my handwritten note. Bravo! I handwritten an email address and want to send an email to that address. I will have toread the note and type the address into my email application. Boo!

It is crucial that handwritten content become content that I can se not just read.

Can you let us know where this fits in the roadmap?

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Can you let us know where this fits in the roadmap?



Did anyone ever reply with a satisfactory answer to this query?


This is a user's message board. Sometimes EN staff post. But when they do, they do not post their roadmap or ETAs.



Hi forum

Newbie here so please be gentle.

I'm confused by this thread "convert handwriting to text" and the FAQ entry at


So, is it possible to convert handwriting to useful text usiung Penultimate ?

I searched for a user manual hoping to find detailed explanation, but it seems there is none.

TIA's for any tips or clues.


Indexing your notes differs from handwriting to text. Evernote does the former, which means it will index a handwritten note so that (hopefully), a handwritten note containing the word 'house' will be found by searching your Evernotes on the word 'house'.

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Thanks BurgersNFries! Yes, I am aware this is a user's forum, just wondered if any of the users had figured this out and not posted the outcome.


And, thanks for clarifying that the previous post was (I think) dealing with a request about conversion of writing to text. I didn't catch this. I definitely understand the difference, and am interested in having my handrwritten notes from Penultimate recognized by the OCR index and searches in Evernote. It seems to work with words, but I'm having a hard time getting Evernote's OCR to recognize dates (e.g., 4/14/13 when written as handwriting in a note isn't found when I search on it within Evernote). Do you have any thoughts on OCR with dates?



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