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(Archived) Please bring back auto-title from first line of note


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As a result of the new auto-title feature, I have many many notes with identical titles of "Note @ YourCity". I do not find this very useful...

I really liked the old auto-title feature where a title would be generated based on the first line of the note. Can you add this back? At least make it an option.


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Hello, I strongly want to support pkay's request for bringing back the old auto title feature back, where the first line of the note had been used as auto title content and thus please prevent the usage of a location or a calendar entry as auto note title.

@gmc: no, "first line of note" is not possible.

My most likely use case is fast creation of memo notes- and these memos or ideas rarely are related to my present location or my calendar entry.

When I create a new note, the cursor starts at the first line of my note content, not at the title line. Therefore I enter my information memo there and normally do not have the necissity and time to enter an additional headline. I want to rely on my Evernote to label the note in an appropriate way. However, when I disable the auto title feature, all notes in my list view are named equally like "note without title". And in case I enable auto title now I get either a "note @ calendar entry" (I have many calendar entries) or "note @ location" which both is even more confusing when scrolling my notes later.

Your help is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.

(Btw. : Thank you very much in advance as well for the soon arrival of the tablet list view, I am looking forward keenly)

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Actually, I am in meetings all the time (egads) and love the auto-title from the calendar. Which seems to not work any longer in the latest iPad version. Is there some way to get this working again?

I tried turning on and off Suggested Note Titles under Note Editor to no joy.

Thank you

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