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  1. Yes. It is extremely important to have this feature. The only help at the moment is : transfer to OneNote. OneNote search is perfectly integrated in the Windows Desktop search. I think of switching to OneNote for this feature. By the way OneNote has also free OCR search feature, which is an Evernote Premium Feature.
  2. And please give me the ability to fade out the other notes thumbnails when I have opened one note. I want to have full screen mode for my opened note - and no other thumbnails.
  3. I also very much miss the scrolling bar on the snippet view.
  4. I dont' think there is a technical reason , why list view is not supported on Android tablet version. I have an Android smartphone Google Nexus S, there you have the display options settings for sure. Only on my tablet, the HTC Flyer, this setting is missing. I deeply regret that this feature is not available for the tablet. Fast scrolling is impossible on my tablet.
  5. Ups, sorry, found the answer here: http://discussion.ev...h__1#entry56869 Already had been asked before.
  6. I have two mobile clients. Ipod Touch and an Android smartphone. Voice notes on Android are *.amr files, which are not supported in the IOS Evernote client. So I cannot play my notes taken with my Android phone on the IOS device. That is not quite fantastic. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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