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(Archived) REQUEST: Bring back the old UI. No swipe to home screen


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On my Lenovo A1 the previous version worked great. Now instead of panning around the note all the time i swipe to the new note screen. It's horrible. The iOS version is ten times better. The UI. Don't experiment with new UI's for Android before testing them on many devices.

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i think the new UI is awesome. But i do experience the same problem you do. Its way hard to pan around a note with out going back to the home screen. I dont know how easily fixable this is but maybe they can just reduce the sensitivity it takes to get to the home screen. I don't know. I like the new UI besides this one problem.

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Sorry Evernote, I was initially very impressed with the new home screen but it has come at the expense of being able to confidently pan around my notes.

It has made my data table notes almost unusable because the note I am attempting to pan is constantly disappearing in favour of a return to the home screen.

If there was a method of locking the note in place whilst navigating it would be a big help.

Also, I can no longer horizontal scroll without first making a vertical movement prior to the horizontal swipe. This exacerbates the problem

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Seconded or thirded, I've lost count.

Devs, PLEASE stop ***** around with the user interface. We are using the software because we LIKE it and because it makes us MORE EFFICIENT. When you make random changes to the way we have to control things, you make us LESS EFFICIENT.


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I don't mind the new UI, but I'm also having MANY issues with inadvertently returning to the home screen when panning around within notes. Maybe you should add a "lock" icon to the bottom bar within notes, which would temporarily disable the swipe gesture.

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