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  1. This is my issue in going forward with Evernote. They cannot be trusted to not break a workflow and create havoc, frustration and inconvenience and with no warning. Based on history, given that Evernote have this habit of abandoning features and worse, doing so in the manner that they have just done with version 10 whereby users suddenly discover that their software is not functioning as expected, perhaps as has happened with my workforce, being prevented from executing critical tasks such as emailing a copy of a note to a client (now removed along with printing to boot!!) then discoveri
  2. Emailing copies of notes with all the attachments has become an integral part of the workflow between myself and a group of other users for years!!! There is nothing to replace this essential feature. I am pleased that you have added the copy email function to the 'Roadmap' but this is a bit like saying sorry I broke your car by removing 6th gear, ive put it on the list for a fix someday. It is unsatisfactory. We need this function today! To simply take away fundamental features with no warning and no alternative is beyond belief. We buy into this service BECAUSE OF the existing fe
  3. This might help: Check this example of how that redesign affected readability. https://www.evernote.com/l/AF2U2zfb0FxFtIxmGwn-GYo5Cds3ED3SuSM/ Row no.4 would be a good starting point. The old viewer worked perfectly until the redesign. Overnight dozens of notes shared with my clients became unusable. The same note can be viewed with the old viewer which is still ( and i hope will remain) functioning when sharing a Notebook. https://www.evernote.com/pub/skyacc/sharednotesexamples Obviously it is not practical to create a note book just to share a single note and before the noteboo
  4. Thanks. It would be a massive relief to get this issue fixed and restore faith in the usability of all (not just small) shared notes. It used to be the case that any note i created in Evernote could be viewed full screen in a browser window. Then one day everything changed. This is a link to an unedited note (apart from the title) created from Evernotes template gallery. https://www.evernote.com/l/AF2Wl_ODQO1PsoEl0yOX3_l--2ha-qxWfkI/ What is happening on Sunday? This is a mild example.
  5. It appears to have been restored back to where it was before it was broken. I hope it stays this way, we rely heavily on this specific feature. Now if the shared notes width issue (wider shared notes and notes with tables get forced into an unusable narrow screen) got fixed id be a happy user again. Going off track a bit here but the theme is the same: Establish a process with a feature of Evernote.......Evernote makes a change and destroys hours of work when that function no longer works.
  6. Same here. I have multiple Evernote users emailing me their notes and everything comes in from Evernote. There is no way to identify who is sending what. Prior to this I noticed (on the 12th August) that the subject line was being changed to read 'Evernote' followed by my subject line. That was an unwelcome imposition. This is what makes me feel very uneasy about using Evernote. I hope they put things back to where it was before they messed it up because its causing chaos.
  7. I would like to hide this button .. I have been using Ctrl + N for years and this is a distraction and a waste of my space. Options please?
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