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(Archived) Constant Syncing Problem - Samsung Galaxy S


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Forgive me if this has been asked, but I've searched, and come-up empty.

In stark contrast with others who've posted about not being able to sync from Android, I have the opposite problem. Regardless of my sync settings, the app syncs every time I open it. For example, I currently have it set to ""Every 1 Day," and yet, it literally ignores that setting.

I've tried (seemingly) every possible combination of "W-Fi sync only," "Sync data on power up," and "Sync Automatically" intervals, and regardless, they're always ignored.

I wish I'd paid attention to when, exactly, this started happening, but it was within the last several updates (it was not a problem when I got this phone about a year ago).

Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S from T-Mobile.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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Replying here, partially to bump the topic, since you have reported elsewhere that you are seeing the issue.

Tested this a little and it seems that if there is any background sync time set, then EN will sync when you start the app.

"Sync on power up" doesn't seem to have any affect on syncing when first opening the app. I would think that this setting is the important one here in this issue. (unless it actually means when you start the device, maybe? Not sure)

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I have the exact same problem (also using Galaxy S). every time I load the app I have to sync again. I even tried un-installing the app and re-installing it but that didn't help.

I am a loyal Evernote user I hope the team find a quick fix for this.

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