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(Archived) REQUEST: More account switching options



Nice, you've added the option to use more than one Evernote account in a single OS X account. So no more third party tricks necessary like the great app Evernote Account Switcher, with the risk, that it breaks with each new version of the Evernote Mac client.

But to make switching accounts easier you should:

1.) Allow to store the login credentials in the keychain.

2.) Remember the accounts I've already used.

3.) Display a menu in the login dialog with the recently used accounts.

4.) Autofill the password, if I have opted to store it in the keychain.

5.) Display a menu "fast user switching" in the toolbar of the main window with the recent accounts. When I select an account and the password is stored in the keychain, Evernote immediately switches to that account, without request in a password. Otherwise it asks for the password.


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Thanks for these suggestions. The latest Mac version 3.3.0 has several of the things you've asked and I think follows the same ideas and principles. You can go to the Mac AppStore to update, or if you didn't use the Mac Appstore, go to Help >> Check for updates to upgrade.

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