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(Archived) REQUEST: Don't delete "conflict notebooks" permanently without trashing them first



when notes are conflicting, a duplicate is put in a special notebook. these seem to be special in that they don't move to the trash when deleted, but are gone forever (as i...err, a friend, recently found out). i feel rather strongly that any deleted notebook should go to the trash first, like normal notebooks.

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Agreed. Before, the conflict note would remain in the original notebook and the conflicted version in the conflicted notebook, but apparently in recent versions, only the conflicted notebook contains the note. I just lost a note I had been working on for weeks...and I checked immediately, but that notebook didn't exist in the web version or on mobile.

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There have been a couple of oddities with conflicts lately: conflicts occur for no apparent reason, and conflicts appear within notes, I am wondering if Evernote developers are making changes undermeath to the conflict process, perhaps to make it more easily understood by new users. As mentioned above, it would be best if we couldn't delete the notes directly, but could only move them to the trash like other notes.

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