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(Archived) HOWTO: Import iCal meeting details into Evernote



I am making the transition from a Windows/Outlook environment to an all Mac OSX environment ...

In Outlook, I could send meeting/appointment details from Outlook directly into Evernote, creating the place for me to start taking meeting notes.

I have searched but do not find a similar capability to use with iCal (on my Mac desktop or via my iPad).

Does this capability exist? Is there a good workaround if it doesn't? I use Evernote to keep a chronological journal of meetings, conversations, phone calls, etc. Being able to go create new notes directly from the Outlook calendar entry was a great feature in Windows. I am hoping to be able to perpetuate it in my new, all Mac environment.

Thanks for your help

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Evernote does not provide any native capability to import from either Outlook or iCal on the Mac.

However, you might see Veritrope.com Evernote Resources for possible AppleScripts that do the job.

BTW, when I switched from Win to Mac I was very unsatisfied with iCal. I really missed Outlook.

I have found Outlook 2011 Mac in particular, and Office 2011 Mac in general, to be excellent tools on the Mac.

Office 2011 Mac is a complete rewrite (per Microsoft) just for the Mac which results in it feeling much more like a true Mac app than in the past.

I believe that Veritrope offers an AppleScript to send Outlook 2011 items to Evernote.

Whatever you decide, good luck.

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